An innovative source of power

After a light breakfast on Friday, we rode out of Most na Soci to began our final day of bike riding and our return to Nova Gorica. Our final stop on this trip was a visit to the Avce Pumped Storage Power plant.

There, we were met by Gregor Koron, an electrical supervisor at the plant for our tour. We learned that this two year old facility generates 185 megawatts of power on the Soca River.

During the evening hours, when power demands are low, the plant pumps water up to the top of the mountain in to what looks like a huge swimming pool.  And as demand for power increases during the day, water is send back down the mountain through an underground tube to the turbine below.

It takes five hours of pumping water out of the river to fill the reservoir. When power is needed, the water flows back down to the river and can generate another 14 hours worth of energy.

We had an extensive tour and went up to the water storage site high above the plant.

We then rode down the mountain to Nova Gorica and a real time Internet session with students back in Iowa. On the day we rode a total of 55 kilometers.

We concluded the day with a picnic at the University with some of the students and people that rode during the week with us. It was a great way to end a wonderful week in Slovenia.


About cgrer

The Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research - a state-funded environmental institute at the University of Iowa.
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One Response to An innovative source of power

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Great work Senator. It sounds like a very educational trip and I have really enjoyed reading about it as you have traveled.

    Now, if you can only get some more of your peers in Des Moines to understand what you now know and have seen first hand.

    Thank you for your efforts.

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