Sunday Ride

group photoHere I pose with Mladen, David, John and Ed.

At about 9 am, we left Postojna. After yesterday’s tough 8 km climb, we coasted down an 8 km slope today. On yet another sunny day, it was smooth sailing for our crew.

Although the traffic was light overall,  the motorcycles were still out in force. On our old highway route, we breezed past mountain switchbacks and beautiful birch and pine trees. And as we passed through the small villages we were greeted by bike lanes and friendly Slovenes.

At about 1 pm, we arrived in Ljubljana, the nation’s capitol and largest city. We found bike lanes at the edge of town and followed them to our downtown youth hostel.

group shot

Our bikes ride smoothly and are great on the hills. We are really appreciative to the Cult Bike folks for supplying us with the bikes. They make the frames in Slovenia. Here we are, stopped in front of one of the local bike shops that sells them.

Ljubljana and its suburbs have about 350,000 people. It is an interesting cosmopolitan town.

Tomorrow we will visit the premier research institution in Slovenia, Jozef Stefan Institute, for an academic exchange on energy technologies.

In the meantime, you can hear even more news from the tour on David Osterberg’s blog for the Des Moines Register.


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1 Response to Sunday Ride

  1. Tom Cook says:

    Glad to hear that things are going so well. Wish I were there with you. Tom

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