Green Bike Tour Takes Off

Nova Gorica

An aerial view of Nova Gorica -- Arhiv Občina Nova Gorica

After a seemingly endless flight bounced us from Des Moines to Detroit, to Rome and Trieste, Italy, John Moreland, Ed Woolsey and I arrived in Nova Gorica, Slovenia on Friday. At the airport David Osterberg, the organizer of the tour, gave us a warm welcome.

We spent the afternoon getting ready for our first long ride. We took our new bikes for a spin and met Mladen, our Slovenian host. And after watching Slovenia take it to New Zealand in a soccer match, we retired quite early, exhausted from jet lag and a full day’s worth of activities.

Today we were all up early, fiddling with our bikes in preparation for the ride. It is a beautiful and sunny here – it seems that Nova Gorica is about a week of two ahead of us in summer weather.

We will soon kick-off on the Italian/Slovenian border with an exchange between the tour participants and University students and faculty. Presentations will include a summary of renewable energy in Iowa, policy responses to climate change and efforts by Slovenians to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. We will ride with the Slovenians on the first leg of the tour, 20 km to Ajdovscina.


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The Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research - a state-funded environmental institute at the University of Iowa.
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One Response to Green Bike Tour Takes Off

  1. Jack Hatch says:

    You are having too much fun for a state sponsored trip. We expect legislative recommendations to reduce our dependence on oil by 40% if this trip is to be considered successful. I know you three can do it.

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